iPad and iPad Mini Secure Mounting and Handheld Solutions
Choose from a variety of installation options.
Available in secure, lock and magnet latch versions, and in various colors:

Stylish Design and Slim Form Factor
The iPad Wall Bracket is designed to match the look and feel of the iPad. The thick aluminum front panel features a high quality finish look and feel and is available in gloss or matte black, white and silver. The iPad Wall Bracket is only 20.5 mm (0.81 in) thick to retain the iPad's slim form factor.



Hidden or Exposed Home Button Versions
Choose the option better suited for your needs - hidden home button, to prevent users from accessing applications other than the one you select to run, or exposed home button, providing users access to any application while retaining the iPad security.

Compatibile with all iPad versions (1-4). iPad Mini bracket versions in stock
Our iPad2, 3 and 4 Compatibility Kit adds additional padding to perfectly fit the slimmer iPad 2, 3 and 4 versions, make sure to add it to your order.

Power Button Blocker Option
Prevent users from turning off the iPad by adding the Power Blocker accessory.



Secure Hex Screw, Key Lock or Easy Magnet Latch
Our secure brackets are locked with a hidden socket hex screw to prevent theft. A special Allen key, supplied with the brackets, is used to open and lock the front panel in seconds. For top security order our Key Lock version.

For easier access to your iPad order the magnet latch version which allows opening and closing  the panel without the use of tool or key. 

Desk Stand / Angled Wall Attachment
Our desk stand /Angled Wall attachment, in conjunction with the wall mounting bracket, securely attach the iPad to a desk, counter or a wall, at an easy to use 45 degree angle, in a horizontal or vertical orientation. 

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Verical or Horizontal Orientation
The iPad Wall Bracket can easilly be oriented in either a vertical or horizontal manner, allowing you to customize it to fit your needs.  This applies to both the wall and desktop variants of the bracket, and is simple to change based on your preferences.



Keep your iPad Charged
Keep your iPad charged with the standard iPad power cable. The iPad Wall Bracket is designed to enable a fully concealed power/charging cord installation. The power cable runs from the back of the bracket directly to the wall.
Optional accessories are our 6' charging cable or our 15' USB extension cable (compatible with both the original 30 pin and the new Lightening connectors) for reaching remote power outlets. 

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For charging from an electrical outlet up to 300ft away from the iPad, use our Remote Charging kit
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VESA Compatible
The iPad wall bracket has 100mm x 100mm VESA compatible hole pattern so you can attach it to any standard VESA compatible desk stand or wall arm. Choose from our selection of Arm Wall Mounts that includes our Affix and Secure kits.

Easy Installation Video
The wall bracket is design for quick and easily installation.It can be mounted on a wall using four simple screws within minutes. Watch our short video for an overview of the quick and easy installation.

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