Our iPad enclosures securely mount your iPad in your office, clinic, store, tradeshow display, or virtually any other commercial or residential environment. Here are some recommended applications that are used with our iPad Mounts.

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  • Home Automation and A/V control. Use these apps for making your home the house of the future! Control your lights, sound system, TV, A/C, Security system and much more from your iPad! Use our Magner Latch brackets for iPad or iPad Mini for a beutiful flush mounting solution. 
A full system for house automation and control, enabling in house and remote control of virtually all home systems.


  • Scheduling. Use these apps for meeting room scheduling on an iPad mounted just outside of the meeting room door. 
  EventBoard Pro
Stop paying for expensive and clunky room scheduling devices. With Eventboard, you can manage room scheduling and display upcoming events while using the attractive interface of an iPad; giving your company or event the polished and professional look it deserves. EventBoard syncs with any MobileMe, Exchange & Google calendars and updates in real-time. No more signs and unnecessary man hours making changes to them. 


  • Customers email collection & retention.  Collect customer email addresses for your mailing list, offering special deals, rewards, reminders, discounts etc. Place the iPad securly by your Point Of Sale for easy access and immidiate participation. 
  iCapture for Constant Contact
Collect cursomer for mailing list, rewards program etc - Lightning Fast Input - 40% Faster than iPad keyboard, eliminates confusion - works for all ages, automatic Integration - Captured emails sent directly to, constant Contact, free and Paid Versions, capture First & Last Name & Email- 100% Free, paid account offers more options.
Collect contacts and sync them automatically. Anytime, anywhere.
Choose a cover for your guestbook, a delivery method for the contacts you collect, and place your iPad in a prominent location. Guest'd does the rest. 


  • Kiosks. These apps provides a combination of solutions for customer interation at an unattended or semi attended locaiton. Teh secured iPad can be used for any customized functionality. 
  iCapture Kiosk
Looking for the easiest way to capture the data you need? Look no further. No IT department? No problem. Our simple interface allows you to create the look you want in minutes. iCapture Kiosk is the solution to capture:  Email addresses,  Customer interests, Survey data , Cell phone number for TXT Messaging, Birthdays  and even distribute electronic coupons via email and txt messages.

  Kiosk Pro
Turn your iPad into a professional kiosk. Kiosk Pro is a Safari-based display engine that will present your HTML pages and media in kiosk mode.  Kiosk Pro is highly configurable. If your kiosk program requires full screen, you can turn off all info and status bars. You can set the idle time, so if a visitor walks away from your kiosks, the program will return to the home screen automatically. 
Convert your iPad into a compact multitouch kiosk within minutes of installing PadLock. This low cost but powerful app lets you choose the content you want your customers to see and control how they can interact with it.
kiosk software designed to use an iPad as a public access Internet kiosk to display your website. eCrisper is much more than a fullscreen web browser. It includes several items that can be displayed or hidden depending on your needs.


  • Surveys. Feedback from your customers is invaluable, Utilizing these apps running on a securely mounted iPad can provide you with customer information on the spot, resulting in more data and more accurate information about your services as the customers see them.
iPad Survey App & Software for Online or Offline Data Collection

Use QuickTapSurvey with iPadWallBracket to turn your iPad into into a fully functioning kiosk that displays content, collects data and can be used with or without an Internet connection.  QuickTapSurvey is designed to make the kiosk experience easy, fast and engaging for your target audience.  Download it for free and try the kiosk demo!
  iCapture Survey
Get Survey Data FAST - User-friendly large buttons for easy viewing, Pre-defined fields for most popular data like name, email ,zip code or phone numbers, Brandable for your business, Manage multiple surveys, Update or change Survey Questions anytime anywhere, Easily view and analyze data instantly, Flexible Pricing (use multiple devices).
  TouchPoint Mobile
Opinionmeter’s TouchPoint Mobile app is a natural extension of our 17-year focus on capturing real-time ‘voice of the customer’ feedback at the point-of-experience. Building on the success of our multi-mode feedback platform, we have extended our mobile survey solutions to include the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. 


  • Other. Innovation can't always be categorized. These apps perform various tasks that can be beneficial to your business when used in a securely mounted iPad at a commercial environment.
Presenter Player for iPad is a Digital Signage playout app for iPad and ideal for shelfs in retail, POIs and POSs. As part of the award-winning ~sedna presenter® software family, it supports one content layer plus one text ticker layer. It can play back schedules with pictures (supports alpha channel), movies, web pages and multiscreen assets.