Catalog: iPad Mini Wall Mounts
Our iPad Mini Wall Mounts are made in the USA of high quality materials and professional powder coating finish. The back is made of steel and the front of stainless steel. Choose between a hidden home button and secure hex lock for secure your in your business and order the exposed home button magnet lock for use in your home or office. The exposed home button can be mount on the wall or can be flush mounted.

You a use our 15 ft USB extension cord to keel the iPad charged while mounted. You can run the cable from the side or the back of the mount directly to the wall to keep the cable hidden.

Colors avilable: Black, White

iPad Mini - Exposed Home Button - Magnet Latch
View Details Provides easy open and lock mounting with user access to the home button. Great for flush mounting.

From $9.99 to $95.00

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iPad Mini - Hidden Home Button - Secure Lock
View Details Provides secure mounting with no access to the home button.

From $9.99 to $99.00

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